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Sell Sell Sell
EMI Records
1. Faster, Sooner, Now   
2. Late Night Radio  
3. Sell, Sell, Sell  
4. Hold On to Nothing  
5. Everytime  
6. Magdelena  
7. Smile  
8. Only the Lonely  
9. What Am I Doing Wrong?  
10. Gutters Full Of Rain  
11. Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today  
12. Folk Song
 David Gray: vocals, guitars, keyboards, 
 David Nolte: bass, lead guitar, piano, 
                     organ, etc. etc. 
          Clune: drums and backing vocals; 
                     bass on "Hold On to Nothing" 
Kristi Callan: Backing Vocals on "What 
                     Am I Doing Wrong?"
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