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Virgin Records
1. What Are You? 
2. The Light 
3. Coming Down 
4. Falling Free 
5. Made Up My Mind 
6. Mystery of Love 
7. Lullaby 
8. New Horizons 
9. Loves Old Song 
10. Flesh
  This CD, I'm very, very sorry to say, has been discontinued by Virgin Records, and it is almost impossible to find.  Don't ask me why;  I think this disc has some of his best work on it, especially "The Light," "Falling Free," "Mystery of Love," "New Horizons," ...well the whole thing is incredible and I love it.  It is apparent in the change of tone from A Century Ends to this one that David Gray fell in love between the two discs.  Apparently he got married right before this album was recorded.  Flesh is chock full of love songs, and has very little of the bitterness (also great) which is found on his first disc. 
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